Who We Are & What We Do

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide an unparalleled wholesale experience to North American retailers. We accomplish this by offering a diverse collection of footwear brands, ranging from new and innovative to established international brands. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our industry-leading customer service, which is supported by the latest technological advancements. We understand the needs of retailers, both large and small, and strive to meet those needs through the provision of a wide range of products and services.


At 4th Avenue Imports, we're proud to offer a wholesale experience that puts quality first. Our collection of footwear brands is as diverse as it is innovative, featuring both new up-and-comers and established international names. With styles and price points to suit every North American retailer, from small independents to large chain stores, we're your one-stop-shop for all your footwear needs.



Core values for any successful business. How we treat employees, our associates and most importantly our customers is a reflection of not only our company, but who we are as people. Set a high standard for all interactions, communications and stick to it, this is the core of everything we do.


We embrace technology—Investing in advanced tech. infrastructure and sales process systems allow us to be industry leaders. Technology is be at the forefront of growing our company, allowing for a better customer experience and ease of business transactions.


Our sole purpose is to provide quality products from around the globe to Canadians and North Americans alike. Allowing these goods to be accessible at amazing retailers across the country.



Logistics, Importing, Warehousing Ability to Scale Nationally
Inventory Management Intelligence & Visibility
National Sales Team Coast to Coast Brand Representation
Customer Service, Sales Support Better Customer Experience
Collections and Financing Cost Savings
Marketing, Graphic Design, and Communications Unique Marketing and Messaging
Social Media, PR and E-commerce Platforms Maximize Market Penetration
In-Store Product Knowledge Retail Brand Intelligence
Sales Analytics Intelligent, Analytically Driven Sales